How long does your cookies last?
Depending on storage condition, our cookies can stay fresh up to two (2) weeks and be good to consume up to two (2) months. Once opened, consume within two (2) weeks.
Best way to keep them goodies fresh?
Transfer into an airtight container and store in dry condition at room temperature.
Great comfort food, any accompaniment drink suggestion?
Good with all hot beverages such as coffee, tea, milk, and chocolate-based drinks. Also good with ice blended beverage or any of your favourite drink tbh!
What cookies do you have?
Currently we have three (3) options to choose from.
  • i) Classic Rich Chocolate Chip
  • ii) Deluxe Hazelnut Chocolate Chip
  • iii) Red Velvet Almond White Chocolate
What types of cookies do you offer?
Bite-sized, crunchy, chunky nuts with chocolate based cookies.
What type of chocolate chips do you use?
Depending on availability, our product(s) may include chocolate chips, callets, coins, or a combination of some or all of them.
Are your cookies vegan or vegetarian?
Our cookies contain dairy and eggs making them vegetarian but not vegan.
Are your cookies halal?
We are a 100% muslim owned and operated. All our ingredients used and operation methods are syariah compliant.
I’m allegic to nuts, do your cookies contain them?
Yes. While not all our products contain nuts, they may have traces of nuts in them.
Why are the cookies not uniform in size?
Since our cookies are handmade, the sizes may vary. Fret not, the integrity of the flavour are not affected, they remain the same!
How many pieces of cookies per pack?
We sell by grams and our cookies are handmade. The total piece in every pack varies.
Do you sell in bulk? Do you have a wholesale price?
We do sell in bulk with our standardized packaging at stated retail price. We do not however, provide wholesale price.
Do you do doorgift/catering services?
We cater to events and occasions only with our existing standard sized products. Personalized labels may be provided. Contact us here to discuss more.
I’ve had bad experiences ordering cookies online, don’t your cookies shatter when they arrive?
We understand the dissapointment first hand which is why we create this brand with customers like you and ourselves in mind. In creating this company, one of our very first goals was to make sure your cookies is safely delivered to your doorstep, while the cookies are still intact. This is how we are different.
How do you pack your cookies?
Our cookies are securely vacuum-packed prior to shipping. Watch how we pack our cookies here.
How long does it take for my cookies to arrive once my payment is confirmed?
It takes 2-3 days for your cookies to be made once payment is confirmed. Average shipping time is 1-5 days, with main cities usually arriving in 1-3 days.
What courier service do you use?
Our main courier partners are ABX Express, Poslaju and J&T.
Can I get a shipping discount if I buy in bulk?
For purchases in Peninsular Malaysia, all orders above RM200 are elligible for free shipping.
What’s taking my parcel so long to arrive??
In light of COVID-19 situation, some orders may experience slight delay in shipment.
Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with my purchase or for any other reason/s?
Since our products are perishable goods, we do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds. All sales are final. Rest assured that we do give great thought and care in making and handling your product, from the beginning until it is released to the intermediary party (Agents/Courier).
How to become an agent? What are your requirements?
Please fill in the form here, and we will get back to you with your suggested personalized program.
What’s the minimum purchase requirement?
  • i) Agents: 100 units monthly
  • ii) Dropship: 20 units monthly
  • iii) Referrals: No minimum order
Do your agents get any support or advice from HQ in sales/marketing solution?
Yes. We provide content and sharing advice related to our products and brand. We also promote and advertise our agents on all available Iput Biskut platform.
Can your agents sell Iput Biskut on online merchant platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, etc..?
No. Such actions will be severely reprimanded.
Can your agents/drop shippers sell Iput Biskut on social media platforms such as Instagram, FB, Tik Tok, Youtube, personal blog, etc..?
Yes. It is a requirement for agent and dropshippers to share with their audience.
I manage/run a website/company that is dedicated to specific niche (media, business, reviews, food, music, etc..). I would like to review your products, can we collaborate on a referral/affiliation program or a paid review?
Yes, we are always looking forward towards collaborations that assist with our public presence. You can reach us out here.
We are a company that has an online presence and/or have physical shop(s) selling foodstuff. Can we rebrand your products and sell them under our company name?
It depends on the demand and your establishment. We are aware that every company has different needs. As such, you can reach us out here to discuss further.
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